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Data Science Student offers a wide variety of jobs differing in intensity and duration. Some of our clients even allow you to work remote.

Intensity: 1-5 days a week
Duration: Short-term projects (weeks)
Mid-term (months)
Long-term (ongoing)


Earn up to 20 Euro an hour! Working with us means earning a competitive salary based on your skills and relevant experience. The more you are involved in projects via us, the more your hourly rate will go up as well.

Experience & Explore

Acquire new skills and strengthen your existing skills by putting your knowledge to the test. Discover your strengths and interests while earning money. Relevant professional experience gained at Data Science Student provides you with a head start over your fellow students.


We offer multiple types of jobs, from hackathon-like assignments during which you will work in a team of students to solve specific problems in a matter of weeks, to placements at a company for a longer period of time. The choice is yours!


Use our network to grow your own! You will work together with students from different universities on assignments across a wide range of companies. These connections might prove vital in finding your dream job in the future.

Convinced? Apply!

Ready to get started and get your hands dirty? Please register here and one of our consultants will reach out to you.

Data-Driven Students

Data Science Student is part of the service offered by Data Science District, a total solutions provider operating exclusively within the Dutch Data Science domain.

Are you studying in the field of Data Science or any related subject? If so, we should be able to find you a Data Science related (part-time) job during your studies.

If your department can use some support within the area of Data Science and/or Data Engineering we can help you scale up your team of Data Science professionals.